In 1843 William P. Thomas, a St. John's merchant, bought the land between Forest and King's Bridge Roads, known as Bollards Meadows, on which Captain's Quarters Hotel is located. The double dwelling appeared on Noad's map of 1849 and the index lists the house fronting Forest Road as being occupied by Hon. William Thomas while the one at the rear was the home of his brother, H.P. Thomas.

In 1872 St. John's merchant James Murray apparently bought both houses from the Thomas estate. At the time of the transaction the Hon. Nicholas Stabb was a tenant in the northern house which Murray himself later occupied. In 1877, Murray sold the properties to Robert J. Pinsent, who became a Supreme Court Judge in 1879. It was at that time the name Devon Place came into use. When Pinsent purchased the properties from Murray, Charles Bowring, another St. John's merchant, was a tenant in the Forest Road house. Pinsent later sold a portion to Bowring in 1887 and it remained in his family until 1916, when Sir Edgar Bowring sold it to Harry Duff Reid, son of railway builder, Robert G. Reid. Harry Duff Reid became president of the Reid Newfoundland Railway Company in 1918, two years after the purchase of the house. He retained the property until 1927.

Pinsent kept the King's Bridge Road house only until 1844. The deed recording the sale of the year, to the Hon. Robert Thorburn, who became prime minister of Newfoundland in 1885, notes that Sir Ambrose Shea, a Father of Confederation, was renting the property. The Thorburn family owned the house until 1906, at which time it was sold to the Bowring family. In 1916 when Sir Edgar Bowring sold the southern portion of the property to Reid, he also signed over the northern portion for $1.00 to John Shannon Munn. Munn died within a few years and in 1920 the house was sold to the wife of Hon. Sir John Crosbie, prominent Newfoundland businessman.

The building appears today as it did in the mid 1800's. This is one of the few existing structures in St. John's built in the neo-classical design.

The present owner, Marcel Etheridge, has restored the property to maintain its magnificent historical features while providing his guests with the most modern features.


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